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Originally Posted by TripleThreat View Post
The questions I care about is do you think his broken neck was justifiable?

Most are willing to dismiss it because Gray's race, after all it's a common occurrence. If that was your son, neighbor, brother etc, you would not be asking if the detention was justifiable, you'd ask was the in custody death justifiable.

We don't know how his injuries occurred, but we do know what led up to the arrest so lets go one step at a time. Does the contact and detention appear to be legal?

As far as those dismissing his death, I have yet to see anyone dismissing it because of his race but instead point to his criminal activities. You are the one that injected his race into the equation.

And I expect family to not understand the legalities of the situation and let their emotions take over. But that is not how a professional LEO should operate, a professional LEO should be looking at all of the facts and evidence and not be ruled by emotions, that is how you determine how and what really happened and give the family what they deserve, the truth.

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Weiner is in jail for doing much less than Kavanaugh or your Dear Leader Trump have done and they are walking around free.
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Anything to protect Cheeto. Even though he just signed basically a gun confiscation order.

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