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Originally Posted by RedFord150 View Post
^^^Another stupid civilian opinion here.

Gray's rap sheet shows that Gray was in and out of the system several times each year and had a clear disdain for authority. He was not only a career drug dealer, he had committed assault and destroyed property.

As Gray was in and out of custody, he probably developed a sense of what worked and how far he could go with LE. Anybody with an IQ above 10 could clearly see that Gray was pushing his luck with LE on a daily basis. Unfortunately for Gray, his luck ran out.

LE is a simple numbers game. They encounter thousands of losers on a daily basis. Most of these losers walk away relatively unscathed. Every once in awhile, LE encounters a special loser that ends up on the losing end of a game of wits. The odds are 1 in several thousand. Gray was that loser.

Did LE go too far in dealing with Gray? Maybe.

Did Gray contribute to his own demise? Yep.

Save your tears for someone a little more worthy than Gray. He played a stupid game. He lost.

couldnt have been said better.
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