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Originally Posted by bigmike82 View Post
Disclaimer: Stupid civilian opinion here.

Gray's rap sheet is irrelevant. None of that justifies throwing him, bound, in the back of a van and driving in such a way as to inflict injury. Messages like this only serve to perpetuate the notion that Police Officers, in GENERAL, take the law into their own hands and mete out justice (which isn't the job of our Police Officers. Ya'll are Guardians...Protectors, not executioners). You're doing yourselves a massive disservice with stuff like this.
^^^Another stupid civilian opinion here.

Gray's rap sheet shows that Gray was in and out of the system several times each year and had a clear disdain for authority. He was not only a career drug dealer, he had committed assault and destroyed property.

As Gray was in and out of custody, he probably developed a sense of what worked and how far he could go with LE. Anybody with an IQ above 10 could clearly see that Gray was pushing his luck with LE on a daily basis. Unfortunately for Gray, his luck ran out.

LE is a simple numbers game. They encounter thousands of losers on a daily basis. Most of these losers walk away relatively unscathed. Every once in awhile, LE encounters a special loser that ends up on the losing end of a game of wits. The odds are 1 in several thousand. Gray was that loser.

Did LE go too far in dealing with Gray? Maybe.

Did Gray contribute to his own demise? Yep.

Save your tears for someone a little more worthy than Gray. He played a stupid game. He lost.
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