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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
note that even though it only refers to "licensed manufacturer or licensed importer of firearms", ATF has the opinion that it applies even for homebuilt firearms by non-licensees.
Gotcha...I am having a hard time convincing a few folks...I actually even included ^that^ in my post, but some people are still convinced that one can not sell a home built firearm....Even with supporting letters from the ATF on the subject...

I think they just don't understand the "mfg with *intent* to sell", as where you are required by law to have a mfg license/FFL 07.

They seem to be convinced that at NO point are you allowed to sell a homebuilt firearm...I have provided all the resources I can on the subject to support my claim the YES in fact you can legally sell a homebuilt firearm, and in doing so you need to follow the same rules as an FFL 07 at that point (engraving and such) long as you did not build it with the specific intent of selling there after....

Some people act like this is a new concept or something.
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