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Bill I have been doing research for the past few hours and it seems that the x-treme/west coast plated bullets can handle the velocity and some think it requires the velocity since the plating is thicker you might end up with a stuck bullet.

Chief I purchased the lymans 49th manual and will be buying the speer no. 14 as I am pretty disappointed with some of the data in the lyman book they really dont seem to cover much.

So I will be buying some different powder since I purchased hodgdon lil gun. I will most likely buy alliant unique and load lymans recommended starting for JHP of 10.5gr which puts the bullet at about 900 fps.

do you think it would be safe to under load hodgdons recommended 22.5gr for a JHP to about 19gr which is their recommended for a 270gr JHP or is loading off the fly like that an unsafe practice?
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