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Originally Posted by oldsmoboat View Post
Would time in the military transfer to time in the Federal Employee Retirement System?

IE: You do 5 years in the military and then get a Federal job. Does your FERS time base start at 5 years or 0?
Originally Posted by Wickedflava View Post
sort of, you can elect to "buy" your military time back. basically, you still must complete whatever your agency designates is the minumum retirement age, but if you served 4 years active duty and you elect to buy those years back, you will have an additional 4 years added onto your retirement.
as being a federal employee now. you should buy your time back from active. it is interest free for 3 yrs. all you have to do is send in your dd214 and another form that i cannot remember at this time. but it is really easy to do. i have to buy my tour back. you have to contact them before and ask to make payments or they will take it our of your whole paycheck. if you have the cash in hand you will find out what it costs and mail in the payment.

this will work out if you only plan on being a federal employee til retirement. it's worth it. it also helps out on your leave (vacation) hrs. that you acrue every pay period. at 15 years you get 8 hrs. and 6 hrs. after 2.5 yrs or so.

hope this helps.

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