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Originally Posted by frankm View Post
You have a medical condition. The store manager can get in his car and drive to you.
If it was a 4473 issue , I was going to recommend a supervisor / manager drive it up . They'd probably be paid to come up to wine country . Win , Win .

Still can not believe that I was told " I know you are far but if you come in it will take like 5 seconds ". They were being honest . The person I spoke to later said " oh , I can just mail it to you . " And that they did . I mailed it back .

Funny thing also , when I worked at the Lawndale store (162nd & Hawthorne Blvd , pre Redondo Bch ) we were told that if we screwed up the paperwork they would be fined $200.00 for each 4473 / D.R.O.S. that was wrong / mistakenly filled out . That's why the paperwork was went over extensively .
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