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Hermosa Bch ,

I did edit my post but I have to ask you if they wanted you to spend 10 hours round trip ( 600 miles ) out of your day , time & gas , would you go back ?

I worked for them . There is no reason for a " paperwork " malfunction . When firearms were sold , we filled out by hand , the paper D.R.O.S.'s & they were checked before being put into the mail the next day .

When firearms were picked up , all of the paperwork was checked by the clerk releasing the firearm & then a 2nd person had to sign off that it was correct . Then the assistant mgrs & mgrs would go over it all again before mailing it to corporate for storage .

So again . It should not have happened . And they should not be asking anyone to spend that much time , gas & money for their mistake .

And someone did watch this forum when they started here as an advertiser & if they stopped watching it , it could be due to all of the truthful & not so positive experiences people have had with them recently . And all the opinions posted , the poster just stated their experiences .
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