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Default Phone call from San Marcos about pprwrk THEY forgot , 13 months ago

Got a phone message today from the store saying that " they need me to come there to finish some pprwrk " from my PPT last year . The woman , who was polite but saw I lived in LA said " we need you here for just like 5 seconds " .

Why would I have to drive there from LA to fix something they forgot ?

I now live in Central California & have a medical condition that prevents me from driving long distances too .

But again , why should I have to go to them for their mistake 13 months ago ????

Anyone from Corporate wanna answer that ?

By the way , when I did call I mentioned my name because I was told " it would be easy " . The guy said " well we have LOTS of them that were sent back . "

Way to go Turners


It was State pprwrk not Federal . So they are mailing me what they need . If it was Federal , I do not see them mailing me a 4473 .

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