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Hi S281C...

No worries!

I just worry when someone here I haven't seen before posts something about an AW - don't want him to be an accidental felon

Sorry, I guess it's not a Galil and thus not banned by name - just evil feature(s).

I still think $750 is a price you'd get given parts are kinda hard to find - and I think mags are, too. Also, I've heard that some Izzy 308 guns can suffer from cracking in receivers - dunno if this affects Hadar II or not.

Otherwise valuation higher - though you might find someone out of state really hot & bothered to get an Hadar.

A dealer might charge $1K though so you might be able to value it at $1K for insurance purposes.

Check GunBroker and AuctionArms, see what winning bids and/or reserves & min bids are for guidance...

I was thinking about one of these but got an HK91A3 instead.

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