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I'll put in my .02 pennies.

I had been looking for the most common piece around, an MOE hand guard for my wife's rifle. I went to every shop local to me in Temecula, and nothing. Then came to every shop near my business in La Jolla including Turner's, the shop down the street (you know where I mean) and So Cal guns (which is gone). Wiser Owl had it, and had it lower than anywhere advertised and I received a discount that was way more than I used to receive other places. Get customer service experienced firsthand from going in there a few times and from some email's back and forth.

I base my purchases on price and customer service… this is a great little shop that needs the communities support. Let’s help build them up so they can grow their inventory and supply us with the items we need.

What I ask of WO...when you get big, don't lose your customer service. We have great shops locally that I hate walking into because of their CS. The guns and parts we buy can be purchased anywhere; it is the smiling faces and conversation that keep us all coming back.
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