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Originally Posted by huckberry668 View Post
You're talking about shooting skills and not precision ammo making. And you're proving my point of don't trim if best accuracy ain't the goal. Reloading is a hobby and a science. All I'm saying is I know for a fact from doing enough tests with 2" 50-yard guns that a certain uniformed case length helps accuracy with certain loads.

I don't do the primer pocket or flash hole on pistol rounds. My tests showed they don't help at all. I do separate head-stamps but only after they're loaded. And I don't trim all my pistol brass, just the competition rounds and test loads.

I'm not advocating trimming pistol brass is 'necessary'. All I'm saying is uniformed components will help produce uniform results. Here is one example of 'severely diminishing returns':
I get what you're saying. Trimming may produce ammunition that may be capable of more precision under certain using a machine rest. What I'm saying is that A. Once a person gets behind the gun the person is now the biggest factor, and B. All that effort will have been for almost no real gain as a result.

I don't doubt that you've experienced better precision after uniforming your brass and while shooting your gun from a machine rest. But its just a waste of time for what you'll gain, IMO.
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