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Originally Posted by Chief-7700 View Post
I have some .45ACP brass that's been reloaded so many times the headstamp is gone.

On the other hand when I reload hot 10MM, I keep good notes and I sort the brass by groups based on how many times they have been fired.

I get up to about 8 on Hot 10MM....depending on if I run it in my GLOCK barrel (which has about 8 thousanths more expansion and therefore puts more stress on the case because I have to resize these fat cases full size down to normal size).

Or my aftermarket barrel which is tighter and doesn't take much to resize them back to normal. Less stress, less fatigue on my Starline brass.

I keep good notes and have them in marked boxes.

A big area of wear is actually the rim gets cut up by the extractor and after several loadings I end up chucking the case. Not worth any problems.
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