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Originally Posted by Skin1991 View Post
So your telling me if you even smoked pot you can't become a LeO because the polygraph. There is no way that every police officer/LEO has never smoked pot ever.
Not only have you painted every leo, retired and active and deceased, with that broad brush statement, which is considered leo bashing; I take it as a personal insult.

I grew up in the 50s and 60s and was 17 in 1967; the Summer of Love in Haight Asbury. A lot of people during that period smoked marijuana. I wasn't one of them. I have not only not smoked marijuana, I have never tried any marijuana product (brownies, etc.).

I was also a leo for 27yrs. and not only did not smoke it prior to my career, during my career or since I've retired 91/2yrs. ago.

As to the latter time; my family has suggested many times that I should obtain a medical MJ card to help with the severe pain I have frequently from 4 intensive and debilitating spinal surgeries. I have always refused and have no intention to change that decision. Ethically I just cannot do that. I didn't believe in it when I was a teen, during my career or since I've retired.

In the future, think carefully before writing a statement that bashes leos as a whole or individually. It is against the rules of this forum and can result in your privilege to view or post in this forum. We don't want this to occur, so follow the rules for this speciality forum located in the sticky near the top of the forum.