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Originally Posted by MXRider View Post
Anything man made can fail. When you mass produce items, you will get a percentage with issues, doesn't matter if its a TV, washing machine, car, firearm, space shuttle, etc.

For all the problems you read of, there are thousands with no issues. Not defending Remington as I don't own one, I'm just saying **** happens.

+1 MXrider response

Agreed, I've had my share of problems with Mossberg, but i'm not personally taking a vendetta against Mossberg on the forum or think they're terrible or have bad quality control issues. I take the same perspective on any mass produce items including Remington product line. I Have a wingmaster and an express. No problems with either of them, on the other hand with Mossberg I've had an issue with one Mossberg 500, is it a representation of the quality of the entire company, Of course not, it's an isolated case.

Seems like this "Richard" individual has some sort of hatred against Remington. That's fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether your opinion holds merit that's another issue. There's no way to verify your hearsay statements like "my friends 870" "A buddy just bought the latest and greatest 105 and the extractor broke before he made it through his first box of ammo". That goes the same with my Mossberg experience, take it with a grain of salt.

Good luck to the OP with getting your extractor repaired, it's unfortunate that happened to you, update us on when/how long the it takes to get it repaired.
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