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I kinda like the lee hand press, takes standard dies... It also doesnt make as much friggin noise as the Lee (oldschool) Loaders mentioned above, with all the pounding and punching (not very stealth, if youre trying to keep a low profile).

I figure with one of these things and some older spare dies that I have rolling around I can put together a minimalist reloading kit for a Bugout location or even for use out at the range for testing & adjusting powder loads.

A buddy of mine used to have one of these things and always took it out with him when we went camping. He used a Lee powder "dipper" measuring scoop kit for out in the field. Its definately not as exact as a scale, but if you weigh the powder for the various scoops that are contained in the kit when you are at home and make a cheat sheet, you can get a fairly good idea what your particular powder brand will measure out and weigh on each of the scoops when out in the field. Not good enough for match loads, but satisfactory for paper punching or SHTF defense & survival loads.

It was a kinda cool time killer making up loads while sitting around the campfire and relaxing for the night, its also a great way to get the "ammo whores / leeches" to slow down when shooting YOUR stuff, they definately think twice about wasting ammo and rapid firing when they have to do some work to shoot...

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