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I agree not a bug out but a BOL is what Im talking about. I think Im going to just ship the items to the mountain cabin for safe storage when and if I arrive. But these items would be for after arrival and long term not on the way or in a firefight.

Originally Posted by cudakidd View Post
I reload as well. Cast too. I reload, shotgun, rifle, pistol, even play with Percussion and muzzle loaders. Its a controlled process where quality control and attention to detail is a must, I just don't see that happening in the stress of some Bug Out scenario.

I can't imagine any bug out scenario where I would want to carry components with me and then have to scrounge for brass to boot. And with rifle brass, neck sizing, primer pocket reaming, trimming etc!

I have lee pocket loaders as fun toys, not for serious reloading. If I had to resort to them, loading one round at time, means I either have waaaay too much time on my hands or things are way worse then any scenario I can imagine!~

But feel free to Walter Mitty away! Something to do I guess...
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