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Originally Posted by cudakidd View Post
Reload? Really? In what SHTF scenario would you want to bother with it?

If Bug in, No issues.

Bug out? You plan to carry powder, primers, dies, etc with you? As opposed to two ammo cans full of ammo?

Might want to think this through a little more...
It would be more like 10 ammo cans full of ammo. I can put 2500 308 projectiles in one coffee can or more than 5k 223. In one ammo can I could have 308, 223 and 45 projectiles near 15k of projectiles. I could also load for neighbors as a barter. The town where Im going will be sealed off and barter areas setup.

I think its a good idea to have a basic loader. Yes it is better than 2 cans of ammo.
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