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Originally Posted by Darklyte27 View Post
I dont think it was the best, but it was sure damn good, I didnt know so much food could fit in our stomachs!!!

MCRD chow hall was pretty good, not recruit chow hall.

That was my pick too....MCRD officers mess is the best I've seen. I only spent a week there...but I still remember it.

My worst mess....National Guard, Camp Roberts....field chow came out in the mermite. We each received half a piece of bacon, one hard boiled egg, and half a piece of toast. This went on for months....same crappy 1/4 meals. Good thing we were mech infantry...because after that we stocked the track with canned spegetti-o's, etc. We got a new Battalion commander and he asked everyone what he could change to make things better...everyone said "feed us". Within weeks mess sgts running mess hall got busted stealing all the food and selling it off instead of feeding the troops. Problem fixed...
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