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Originally Posted by movie zombie View Post
i think you are probably right.....
however, unlike other female posters, i've actually had a quick response when i hit the "mod" button....
Considering the complaints from some people about the report post button "not working", I honestly think part of the problem is with what people are reporting, and people assuming that just because they're part of a "group" that they all think alike.

Not to point out any specific posts(and there have been a few cases of this, so it's not just the most recent and obvious one), someone posts something(sometimes it's even a woman who starts it), a poster who happens to be a woman thinks it's funny, another woman is disgusted and hits the report post button(of course that last part wouldn't be known if they didn't post that they hit the report button, but whatever).

As far as whether a section of the forum should be locked, currently the only locked sections are mod specific and the contributors section(of which I used to participate but cancelled for a number of reasons). As others have already pointed out, there is no guys only section locking women out. There's no hispanic forum, there's no black forum, asian forum, etc. If sections do start getting locked there are a couple of primary problems.

The first being, how does someone prove to kestryll what they are(and as much as some women on this forum would like to think they can spot all of the other women, they can't.) without faxing a copy of a DL(fakeable, and yes people would fake it just for the sake of doing so) and kiving kestryll a bunch of personal info?

The second would be, when does it stop? Does calguns need 30 subforums locking out most of the people on the site just because they aren't a specific gender, ethnicity, profession, and so on?
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