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The only way it will ever stop is when all of the people in this state say NO MORE and refuse to pay their tax bills. Maybe then the greedy corrupt buggers in Sacramento will get the message. You can't vote them out, as another pack of Hyena's will take over.

The entire legislature needs to be sacked en masse and an entirely new system put in place.

They day is coming, ordinary folks are getting fleeced by the state for more and more money, the municipal service costs are skyrocketing and they just keep on piling it on.

Ordinary folks just cannot afford to live here anymore, small business owners are being forced out of business due to onerous new taxes, licenses and city/state corruption.

G-d help the retirees when they "overturn" Prop 13. It'll force millions to sell their homes and go into retirement communities, because their property taxes will skyrocket.

All this and more coming soon............