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Default New Laws

The anti-gun bills introduced this term will be numerous and very, very ugly.

Expect to see yet another AR/AK/"Assault Weapon"/Bullet Button ban bill, along with others.

This time, it will very likely pass, though with out a grandfathering clause or compensation (money they don't have), I don't think it will stand up to a legal challenge. Should also be "relatively" easy to get an injunction against it from taking effect.

I still think Brown would consider vetoing it, should it pass, though I'm not sure. Are there enough pro-gun Democrats to prevent a veto overide on gun bills?

I've also given up on this state and are actively looking for work in either Arizona or Texas. Going to uproot my whole family including school age children to get the h*** out of this place. I've had enough. They are losing yet another upper middle class family.