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New used, taking this from another forum, I'm interested in getting my CCW, my neighborhood's gotten a little bit sketchy, robberieshad 4 seperate and caught/tackled a guy trying to break in two weeks ago. I know just the "inside the home" stuff isn't cause in-itself, but my street seems to be a byway for people from other neighborhoods. My girlfriends car stolen off the street, felt like I was going to get carjacked a couple times... Can I use the break-in attempts/robberies as evidence that I don't live in a safe neighborhood? I really don't want to wait to get mugged or carjacked to submit for it...
I backpack up in the Sierras... and don't like the idea of running into the people growing "cash crops"... and I frequently travel from Reedley to Visalia to visit Family... usually returning by myself late at night driving on the back roads... I know that this site hasn't posted any "approved good cause statements" for Tulare yet... So I wondering if any users could help me fine tune? Are these reasons somthing that would be considered or am I out in left field? I've been told that multiple applications/re-jections can hurt your chances, didn't want to just whip something together and throw it in the mail...

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