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Smile CCW Tulare County

The latest info, which I learned in January 2013 when I submitted my application.

1. You can pick up an application packet at the Sheriff's office near the main courthouse in Visalia or you can get most of the forms online at the TCSO website. They do not include the paper to list your three personal references online, but you can just bring your references' names, addresses and phone numbers with you on a paper and write it out when you turn in your forms. That's what I did.

2. You will have to list the make/model/serial number of any FA you intend to carry. It's fine if you have an off-roster handgun.

3. When you drop off the application, the nice lady who works there will do your livescan fingerprinting before you leave, and after she takes a look at your paperwork. You pay $114 to submit application and get the livescan. More $$ when you pick up permit.

4. You need a current utility bill or property tax bill with YOUR name (not spouse) and your residence address to prove you live there.

5. You can submit your application and take the CCW class while it is pending or after it is approved (presumably so you don't waste your money on a CCW class when the sheriff will be denying you). Or you can turn in your certificate with your application.

6. When I was there, she called a few people up and said "you need a little more here than what you have written." It sounded to me like people were giving a good cause statement "for self defense" without more, and she was suggesting they elaborate. But I don't know for sure, because she was discreet about the actual contents of others' applications.

7. It took about 45 minutes total to drop off the application because she reviews it and brings it back for clarification, etc. Which I thought was nice, rather than just rejecting you later.

8. She said it is taking about 2-4 months to get the permits out because there are so many people submitting applications.

When I was there, it was a steady stream of people. Easy process, though.
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