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Originally Posted by Sureshot357 View Post
OK, I don't understand the "lie" part. Isn't their policy, their policy?
Their policy is their policy. What you were told (that an imminent threat is required to meet GC standard) is NOT the SMSO's policy. As Gray said, CGF has put 2 applicants through successfully with no imminent threat.

Originally Posted by Sureshot357 View Post
When does Nordyke get done and I thought that was a gun show thing.
Excuse my ignorance.
Nordyke is expected any time now. As an appeals case the lower courts will be bound by its result. If we get strict scrutiny for law abiding people through Nordyke then the carry cases are extremely strong. It also sets up sheriff's for future liability if they deny applicants in the interim if we get strict scrutiny, or the like.
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