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Originally Posted by Adam B. View Post
Coming from the trolly guy........ That M70 is the FIRST mCgress stock built for a M70, it has CUSTOM mags I designed and had scott build for me. I guess thats a follower right? That M70 was one of the FIRST rifles that used special AICS mags CUSTOM modified (when only AICS made chassis and mags for 2.800 COAL).........
And I bet you put your pants on different than everyone else does too...

Point is, the method of shooting you dislike so much is one that is taught by someone who does more than "designs" guns and post pictures of them on the internet. And training comes in all kinds of forms, not just paying out the butt for some guy to tell you what to do. To bad so many shooters like you are so closed minded to new ways of learning. But if that works for you, kudos just back off of me and others that enjoy the way we do things.

Have a good one.
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