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Ok, the exciting conclusion:
I called first thing this morning and ended up talking with the person who called before and was going to do the interview. I asked to confirm that this was a pre-interview (before getting license) for an 03, curios and relics, and not 01. He said yes. I asked if that was usual, and he said yes, they're trying to do a face-to-face with all FFL applicants. He said I could cancel the interview and he could write that in the record, and I said no, that's ok, I'll see him later. BTW, as far as going there to face-to-face, that probably would have worked, but the local office is an hour and half away and I didn't feel it was worth it.

The gist of the interview was they needed to verify I was prepared to do anything that the license allowed. We kind of kept going in circles where I would say I'm not planning on doing any business from my home, so it doesn't matter if I can legally do that here, and he was saying they have to make sure anything I can legally do with an FFL03 is ok with local, state, and federal laws. E.g. he said, if this were a house (I'm in an apt.) then he happens to know it's ok in the city I live in to receive and sell guns, but maybe not in an apt. So I said, but I'm not selling guns here, my landlord wouldn't be too pleased to start with. And he asked if I had checked with local zoning if it's ok to receive guns here. So, no, I didn't specifically check with local zoning if it's ok to receive a gun in the mail, but I'm quite sure I can bring a gun into my home....whats the difference. Then we start getting into: well you initialed here on a federal form that you verified with local and state laws, etc. In the end I said that all I really wanted to do was save a few bucks and 2 trips to a dealer to get a mosin, and I was under the impression this was a much more straightforward process, so I withdrew my application.

Other things: I mentioned that no one else I'd checked with had a face-to-face interview, and asked if there was anything special about me, and he said no, they're trying to do face-to-face with all FFLs, especially lately....perhaps the other people were years ago, and I said, no, some quite recently. He did say when the main office sends it down to them, then they're required to do a face-to-face. When I called the main office earlier, it sounded more like it was the local office's initiative. Maybe my not-so-crazy-about-the-whole-idea wife gave them a call suggesting further inquiry

The interviewer himself was generally professional and courteous (though a half hour late). The whole interview was about 20-30 mins. We mostly had two different views of what an FFL03 entitles me to do. To him its darn near an FFL01, but for old firearms, for me its just a sensible way to collect old firearms.

If I were more serious about getting an C&R license, then I would have gone through with it. It sounded like there really wouldn't be any problems, and I think just a bit more homework would have covered it. In fact I probably will apply again sometime in the future. But for me it was basically on a whim ("I just send in a couple forms and $30, wait few weeks, and can order guns off the internet? Cool!") and became more trouble than it was worth.

They're going to refund the $30 and I can apply again later with no blemish.

Well I guess that more than covers it, hope this helps!
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