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Originally Posted by scarville View Post
Your postings are excellent examples of why I wouldn't ask her to come to this forum.

A gun is a tool. Get over it.

Sorry to have wasted your time, ladies.
Hey, I didn't think you wasted anyones time. You came in here and meant well and while I understand what the OP is getting at, at the same time a lot of well meaning husbands and SO's come in here seeking some advice from the ladies which they can pass on to their lady.

While Onequickshift's passionate rant about herself compared to other women has merit - she also needs to understand, as someone stated, that not all women are like her or the other Lady calgunners here. The reality is that it is still a male dominated hobby and sport and other women just don't see guns or cars that way. Thinking the way we do does not make us any better than them... just more informed.

We need to learn to understand the differences between the ladies who are here and those who are not. We are the hardcore. We are here on Calguns and we do love our guns.
Then there are the casual and the "never tried", and for them, the need or desire to learn or to come in here and ask themselves is just not there. But if their significant other has that for them - why is it so bad if they come in here and ask? Yes, the best thing is to always try the gun out themselves - but the helpful responses one gets in the thread serves as a nice guide when it comes to picking up which guns to try first or what seems to be a popular favorite, etc etc etc.

Sometimes, these threads bring out nice gems of new information. Say the lady involved has some different needs and wants involved... the person seeking advice could learn of a gun he/she would never even have thought of trying. It's educational for me too. We are always learning.

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