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The Fanboys will tell her to forget everything else and that Gaston Glock is the One True Savior. The 1911 bigots will counter with the claim that John Browning's design is Perfection itself handed down by God (or at least the Angel Moroni). If she has the temerity to think a revolver might be best she can still read the interminable arguments over Ruger versus S&W.
Who cares what other people are saying, take her out and get out there and find what works, excuses are only there for a person when they aren't dedicated to any given thing or action. I never really listen to fanboys. From bikes to cars, fire arms and so on, I read reviews and get opinions but ultimately its my choice. I'm the one taking the time, im the one dropping the coin. Put it this way, why would someone need a new ford raptor with a huge dose of boost? huger wheels and tires, bigger brakes, and etc? At that a woman? Most guys will talk ****, but in the end? Whos would the item be? Glock or other poly guns, 1911 or whatever, who cares. Whatever works works.

OK, let say she get past all that. Then she can try to make some sense of the "stopping power" arguments. 45 ACP versus 9mm versus 357 magnum versus 380 versus 38 spl versus 40 S&W versus...
Stopping power is always a good plus, but becoming capable of taking accurate shots is more important. I don't care if a bad guy is running around with some d eagle big boys gun, if he can't shoot it for sh*ts what is that worth? When some lowly person with a glock 19, plinks his chest twice and on the last shot, takes it to part of his face. lol. Stopping power is nice, but accuracy is more important. I use both 45acp and 9mm. Practice is also really important as well as upkeep and making sure everything is in working order....

Frankly, I cannot think of a better way to make her hate the whole idea of owning a gun.
Than she doesn't need it huh? lol. Sucks for her if you aren't around, and pepper spray or what not, at her beck and call is not enough to stop a large man from breaking into your home, beating her around, ripping her clothing off and raping her, than crushing her throat or getting stabbed, than the guy takes whatever valuables are around.....and leaves. while she just lays there either dead or dying. heh....I'd rather be judged in a court of 12 than carried by six to a grave. I rather shoot up and fill some loser with 45 or 9, than let them do anything to ME, my family, or etc. I don't care if its loud, or has a are the choices you make, and how you deal or prepare for things in life. After all, just in case she DOES get a gun, and does all to prepare, still, doesn't make her odds there of, that she'll survive such an incident, but still bumps those odds in her favor.

Apologies to the ladies in this forum if the above sounds harsh. I asked my original question because I'm trying the help my wife get past the BS I don't even notice much anymore.
She really needs to get over it, i dont think its harsh, I just think its sh*t to get over. How do you think she'd feel driving in a 2010 camaro with 454cubes twin boost fed, on a flat, smashing speeds of 220+ she'd probably cry. But after exposure, one gets use to things. You either shape the immediate world around you? or others will. And you'll just be living in that world. however long or short that may be. I understand shes your wife, but think of it this way, if you were hurt, and she was the only one left in that situation to defend you and herself, your kids? She should think about that.

I always thought to myself, with my ex bf? If we had kids, and someone broke into our home? I'd go to kids room with a sg, pick one of the smaller ones up, while other followed, switching to a HG, bring to single room, fortify the door and let them take whatever. But be of the mindset and capable of using a shotgun, pistol, etc to defend myself, my kids, my husband. If we had gotten married, if we had, had kids lol. Guess I only have to worry about myself now lol. But it shouldnt always be the guy who defends the ever helpless woman, it should be a team. Cause God forbid you can't protect her, wouldn't you want her to be able to take care of herself? Im not trying to start a fight, and if I sound harsh, sorry, its just perspective from a woman who was not the picture of a toughie, but after years of having brothers, a dad, and lots of friends who either served, serving, or are LEO, I've become something a bit rare or so they tell me. lol. A woman who knows her cars, can build her own, who plays with sharp objects and things that go click/boom! lol. I dont like having to rely on someone/man for anything, from tuning a GTR or ZR1 to building my rifle, defending myself. EARNING $. lol. I cant stand frail timid women. Yuck.
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