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I recently purchased one of these as well. I am still working out the kinks with it and have found that crimped primers are difficult to pop out, particularly in .308. I have pinched my palm several times now due to how much force is needed to apply to remove crimped primers. Once the brass has been swaged, removing the primers is easy, but it is just the first time removing the crimped primers that has been a PITA.

I too want to try and use a guide from a flash hole de-burring tool to try and center the brass to the rod as I seem to take an inordinate amount of time trying to get the brass to center on the pin. This is one of the "kinks" I need to work out.

Overall, I like the convenience of the tool as I am not tied to my press for decapping, and it has worked, albeit a little more painfully due to crimped primers.
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