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Originally Posted by emcon5 View Post
I wonder why they looked to bulk up the M1 to full auto instead of the seemingly obvious alternative. They already had a rifle capable of full auto fire from a BAR magazine.....the BAR. Seems like it would make more sense to slim down the BAR to be more of a standard infantry rifle capable of full auto when needed, than scale up the M1.
I have a 1918 BAR (Ohio Ordnance semi) and there isn't a whole lot of slimming down that can be done. Toss the carry handle and bipod, which I think many tended to do, but other than that - not much else. And by the 1940's the 20 to 25 round box fed mag was at a disadvantage compared to other belt feds. I can see morphing the Garand into a light full auto IF something more capable than the 1918 BAR was to be soon developed.
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