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Originally Posted by Bobby Ricigliano View Post
Of course.

To make a short story long:

Rifle was $275
Seller quoted shipping at $20

After shipping the rifle, the seller emailed me that he grossly underestimated the shipping cost. He showed me the receipt from some sort of "Rip and Ship" place and the total was $55.

He asked me to pony up another $35 to square him on shipping. I told him he got fleeced badly and overpaid for what turned out to be a really sucky packing job.

I told the seller that I was not responsible for the extra shipping cost, and that he overpaid big time. It could have gone USPS parcel post insured for half that price (Yes, even now in 2017 rates.)

Once the seller acknowledged that it was his error and that I was not responsible for the extra $35, I sent him the $35. I just wanted to prove a point. The reason why I caved is because the seller had no idea what he was doing, made the mistakes in error, and most of all because it is a nice collectible rifle. I have seen similar matching T53's go for a lot more, so it was no big deal.

So the long answer to your short question: $330 to my door.

I thought you can't ship guns through the USPS. Has that changed?
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