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Default All Kinds of 22/45 Issues.

Very long story short, my 22/45 went from not being able to assemble to now not being able to disassemble.

Starting with the current state, the gun won't come apart. I can pull the rear lever down to release the bolt pin assembly from the frame but it does not swing up so that I can pull it out.

This is as far as it goes:

Obviously this is how it's supposed to swing out:

Also, the bolt doesn't go all the way back, again, as far as it goes:

However, if I try to pull the bolt back with the bolt pin lever disengaged (1st picture) I can get the bolt to go all the way back and lock open, but this still doesn't help with disassembly.

Any and all advice is appreciated guys, I'm getting a bit flustered.
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