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Originally Posted by TeddyBallgame View Post
Even knowing that what the PD did was most likely a violation, I do ask myself "what if", as in, what if this guy and his buddy did have some type of plan, we'll never know...even law abiding citizens have been known to "lose it" and then we get to hear the astonishing, unbelievable story on the news

What if this action did prevent a tragic incident, one we'll never know about, i mean, what better way to try and sift through a crowd, with a "prop" AR, some body armor and a great cover story i.e., being a SS agent or Halloween CIA agent, in full regalia, as a means to commit, what would become a very memorable and historic act of violence against an unknowing group, a large group, of people

Unbelievable? Probably...Unimaginable? Probably...Impossible? Not in the least, not in todays world

Won't excuse what they did, but, I have to wonder
What if "...Every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners saints?"

What begins every sordid imaginary scenario used to scare mommies into demanding nannies (i.e., NannyGovLaws) "for the childrens' sake."

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