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Originally Posted by geeknow View Post

Maybe I am wrong, but I am pretty sure that AP=Armor Piercing, and that is illegal here.

Please take these illegal activities elsewhere as they give calguns and calgunners a bad name.

Unless you are a leo troll? Lets guy, check. blatantly asking to engage in illegal activities with calgunners, check. hmmm?

If i am incorrect in assuming that AP= armor piercing, then I most humbly apologize. If i am incorrect in assuming that the sale, purchase, and possesion of the above mentioned item is indeed illegal, then again, my most humble apologies.

But I do not think that I am wrong...

I may be wrong, but isn't the .308 already armor piercing? Same with other larger calibers. I think that guy is right that it only applies to pistols. Even if a .308 lead round wont pierce armor, if you put in a steel bullet, it sure as hell would. and that would be legal.
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