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Hi Raymond, I've took the safety class with bill and I would like to know if I could join you guys next Saturday?

Originally Posted by RaymondMillbrae View Post
Thanks for stepping-up, Geoff-o-mundo!

The 200-yard practice is sooooooo important for 3-gunners.

If y'all didn't know, a good 200-yard zero will get you on target at most of the Nor Cal multigun matches. And once you have your 200-yard zero, you can take it to the next level by learning your reticle hold-over for those further distance shots at 300 and 400 yards.

This can only be done with an ACTUAL 200-yard zero - and not a " can do it by holding-over about an inch at 100-yards" debacle.

Another great thing about Geoff's 200-yard practice, are transitions. With practice, you will be amazed at how fast you can engage targets at 200-yards...and then transition from flasher to flasher accurately.

Three-gunning is not only a sport, but a great training tool, as well as a fantastic precision art.

Come on out if you can, shooters. We've been pushing to get this practice going for y'all. It is NOT for us Richmond RO's, as the range is only open to us, and LEO training, during the weekdays. We get our practice, so now come and get yours.

Ever wonder how those 3-gun guys can be so blazing fast? Ever wonder how they learned all those tricks to make their movements effortless? Well, its from practice at the range. Practice that most of y'all never have access to...until now.

I will also be video-taping and posting a few upcoming stages and practice runs (of y'all) in future posting.

So c'mon down and reap the benefits while you can.

In Christ: Raymond
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