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Thread needs an update. 2013-2014 session is at an end.

Status of the 2014 bills as of 09-02. Seven bills awaiting Governor action, two chaptered (signed into law) and nine bills with a fork in 'em.

AB 134 Logue-The California Public Records Act: applications for licenses and licenses to carry firearms. DEAD
AB 232 Ting-Firearms: buyback program. DEAD
AB 1545 Gray-Firearms: ownership. DEAD
AB 1563 Donnelly-Firearms: concealed weapons. DEAD
AB 2305 Ridley-Thomas-Weapons. DEAD
SB 53 De Leon-Ammunition: purchase permits. DEAD
SB 580 Jackson-Firearms: prohibited persons. DROS fund raid! DEAD
SB 916 Correa-Firearms. DEAD
SB 1223 Wright-Weapons: advertising. DEAD
AB 1014 Skinner-Gun violence restraining orders. Passed
AB 1498 Campos-Protective orders. Passed
AB 1609 Alejo-Firearms. Passed
AB 1798 Committee on Public Safety-Deadly weapons. Chaptered
AB 1964 Dickinson-Unsafe handguns: single-shot pistols. Chaptered
AB 2105 Frazier-Big game mammals: bighorn sheep. [Pro Hunting?][No thread] Passed
AB 2310 Ridley-Thomas-Unlawful detainer: nuisance: unlawful weapons and ammunition. Passed
SB 199 De León-BB devices. Passed
SB 808 De León-Firearms: identifying information. Passed
Some of the convos may have moved away from the linked threads but new discussions are probably on the first or second page anyway.

Contact the Governor people!