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Originally Posted by Can'thavenuthingood View Post
Rcvd this from NRA in my email;

This Tuesday, April 8, anti-gun Assembly Bill 2305
is scheduled to be heard in the Assembly Public Safety Committee.

AB2305 would significantly expand California law by imposing criminal
liability if an individual unknowingly carries a firearm on_or about_his
or her person.

AB 2305 improperly seeks to bypass a recent decision
by the California Court of Appeals. Also, it fails to advance any
legitimate public safety interests and will result in inadvertent
criminal liability for law-abiding citizens.

AB 2305 directly conflicts with constitutional protections for carrying a
firearm for self-defense as recently confirmed by the Ninth Circuit
Court of Appeals.

AB 2305 is being pushed by Los Angeles prosecutors in an effort to
circumvent the recent California Court of Appeals decision in_People
v. Pellecer_, 215 Cal.App.4th 508 (2013). That case specifically held
that individuals should not -- and cannot -- be held liable for
unlawfully carrying items properly stored in a backpack or purse,
instead of carried directly on their person. In the_Pellecer_case, an
individual was wrongly charged with carrying a knife in his backpack.
AB 2305 would end-around that decision, and go so far as to apply the
expanded carry prohibitions to firearms.

when they lose a court case they create legislation circumvent it.

Thank your neighbor and fellow gun owners for passing Prop 63. For that gun control is a winning legislative agenda.
contact the governor
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