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Originally Posted by G-forceJunkie View Post
We had 9 shooters show up to shoot today's match out of 10 RSVP's.
Here are four of the rifles that were shot in this morning's match.

Reese's Savage:

My Anschutz:

Joe's CZ:

Rich's 10/22:

And of course there is everyone's favorite ammo:

Nearly everyone shoots Wolf Match Target. It's accurate, cheap, and widely available. One shooter this morning was shooting some Aguila Match, but only because it was even cheaper than Wolf.

My Anschutz is probably the most atypical rifle you will see at these matches. Savage and CZ bolts and 10/22 self-loaders dominate. You don't require a fancy rifle or dollar-per-shot ammo to shoot these matches.

In fact, it's far better simply to bring what you have. Think about it. Would you rather be the guy who shoots well with a beater rifle or the guy who can't shoot his million-dollar turbo sniper build with $chmidt & Uber scope and kustum kamo paint job that's so hispeed it even comes with a shemagh and a Major League Infidel patch? I don't know about you, but I would rather be the former than the latter.

Don't let equipment hold you back from entering our matches. Just bring what you have and join us.
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