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Originally Posted by Abu Riyah View Post
Anyone actively using scanners to listen to local LE and Fire, particularly in Orange County? I have one that I used to use back in the 90s, even received the old analog cellular stuff which was very interesting. I actually listened to the entire OJ white Bronco chase on that one. Of course, that thing is a lot less useful with all the newer digital trunking systems used these days.

I also have a handheld Icom scanner that I used in Iraq and Afghanistan...somewhere. Both of those radios are in boxes somewhere within the black hole of my garage. I have newer amateur rigs that can scan and rec the same bands, plus I have a couple of SDRs that I mess with sometimes, so I haven't felt the need to go exploring to find those two units.

I'd really like to get a new dedicated scanner capable of receiving the digital trunking systems that are being used now. Any info and radio recommendations would be appreciated, including just info about what can even be listened to these days or what cannot, due to being encrypted or whatever.

Iím using 5-0 Radio Pro Apps on my Iphone and Ipad... you can listen to any police comm nationwide and worldwide too..

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