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Look, I don't enjoy flame wars but if you're trying to tell these Calguns members that the California DOJ, a political organization, is legally obligated to give specific legal advice that applies to a citizen's personal situation then I would vehemently disagree that is not the case under the law. And if you get prosecuted for relying on the DOJ legal advice, you would lose.

Now, if you have experience different from mine, then great, let's hear it. But to all the Calguns members who follow these forums, I would seriously encourage all of you to seek legal advice from someone who you pay and is under a a legal duty to advise you properly. Then if/when you get prosecuted and or/convicted you can file a state bar complaint that they failed to do so.

Admitted to the State Bar in 1990. Began practicing criminal /prosecution law in 1993. Been a cop/peace officer since 1978.
Worked in five different counties. Which means nothing when someone on these boards gets prosecuted for relying on a "post" in one of them.

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