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Default M1 Garand Question

I am pursuing purchasing a CMP Correct Grade M1 Garand from a private seller.

As part of the my due diligence, I want to confirm that the rifle is indeed correct before I purchase it. The seller has a CMP Correct grade certificate from when he purchased it in 2008. I called the CMP armory to get a list of items I should look for to confirm the rifle is unaltered and correct.

The gun met most of these criteria. It has the properly marked stock, proper drawing numbers on the bolt, trigger housing, hammer, and op rod.

However, there were two hang ups.

1. The sights were marked DRC on the wind age and IHC on the elevation, instead of SA.

2. Most importantly, the barrel drawing number started with F instead the D

The serial number and the date on the barrel both date to late 1954.

Any help would be greatly appreciate as Id love to have the rifle if it is indeed correct.

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