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Originally Posted by I Swan View Post
A pic or a separate thread of the AK ammo variants would be interesting. I bought 2 boxes of the silver colored box Norinco 7.62x39 $4 each. Yes, plan ahead if doing this show. Also another problem is one of the better used gun dealers is no longer doing this show which makes it even less desirable for me to come.

I enjoyed seeing the guy walking around with a sandwich board on his back advertising his gouge 22 bricks which could be had cheaper from various vendors at show. Was even funnier seeing him salute the flag during the pledge of allegiance. A fun sight I saw was at Ventura show when I saw a fat old slob in a little rascal zipping around the big cluster F line to get in trying to gouge various guns and 22 bricks.

He is almost as annoying as that guy that tries to hit you up in gun show parking lots selling American flag stickers and various military themed hats.

Looks like you got the same as me, but a much better price! I must have missed those! Hoping I can get a better deal on some others at the Costa Mesa show.

Saw the same guy..... I laughed... His daughter (I assume) following him around holding the bricks.

Haven't ran into that guy yet, and I'm thinking I'm lucky.
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