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Originally Posted by Ragweed View Post
That is good news because that place sucked Donkey Ba**s. I'll give them a shot!

Originally Posted by Darklyte27 View Post
alright, are you just a fellow customer too or what?
Yes. I have seen Mike and Steve over the years at the gun shows and the past few months they took me on personally as a customer for PPT's as I was getting attitude from the "other guy" who is now gone. I ended up actually getting some nice deals on some used guns from them as well. They're very transparent and genuinely good guys, it just seems like even shops where I have purchased 5-6 guns (Canyon Sports) treat me like I am wasting their time when I am in there unless my wallet is open, and even then it's surprising what *****s they can be.

Remember, this shop isn't a huge AR-15 shop and has fairly limited "new gun" selection outside of Glocks, S&W's, Springfield XD's, Rock Island's, Rugers, and pre-owned stock... That said they do carry about 200-300 new and used guns in stock at a time.
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