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Originally Posted by nrakid88 View Post
I thought this thread was going to have pics of you shooting clays or birds!

Still not disappointed. I am loving this thing... just guessing it's going to hurt like a mother with high brass!
The "in the wild" statement was meant to mean, it's not sitting in a dealer's safe, awaiting ATF release. When you have to wait 4 solid months for the tax stamp to return, THEN another 10 days for the transfer, just getting it home is a major victory deserving of some celebration

As soon as I can get out there, I'll post a vid and some more pics

Most recently (in the testing facility) I shot some slugs out of it... the recoil bent the rear of the trigger guard! lol. I had to swap out pistol grips, as the saw grip locates off of the rear of the t guard (recoil forced guard into front of grip), but the hogue grip locates off of the grip mounting plate. I had to clearance the front of the grip so that it doesn't contact the t guard. Also, the watertight grip plug makes for a nice place to stash a copy of the tax stamp
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Originally Posted by ar15barrels View Post
And yes, this IS gun school.
Welcome to class.
Originally Posted by bdsmchs View Post
There is life outside of Calguns
Originally Posted by IrishPirate View Post
stop looking to the internet to tell you everything you should do.....sack up and just do what you want!!!!!

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