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Originally Posted by GenLee View Post
RANGE: Southbay Rod and Gun Club
LOCATION: 1020 Marron Valley Road, Dulzura (east S.D.)
TYPE: Outdoor, Trap, Pistol. 100m Rifle and Pistol, 100,200,300 and 500 rifle.

OLL FRIENDLY: Very, Ive never been there without at least on other OLL guy.
AREAS: All Outdoor, Trap, Pistol. 100m Rifle and Pistol, and 100,200,300 and 500 yard rifle. Nice canopes and Concrete floors.
STAFF: 4/4
COMMENTS: Easy drive from anywhere in S.D. County, Free Target stands. Super friendly staff, $65.00 annual membership, shoot for free almost 365 days a year after that. Try this place you will love it.

I've been a member for some years. Most of the cats that shoot there are super friendly and helpful. A number of SEALs and Marines shoot there. The CMP matches are tons o' fun. The trap range is about the only place to shoot trap in SD. Go there. Trust me.
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