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Originally Posted by UncleSamsMisguidedChild View Post
I wouldnt expect the ATL to lug around the SAW if his TL went down. Its like that infamous quote "chit rolls downhill" and so would that SAW if the TL went down and the ATL took over his roll. The next guy in line would become the new ATL and eventually one guy would be lugging around 2 M16's. I understand that the situation in Iraq is not ideal for Fire Teams to lug around a SAW through all those close quarters, but I wouldnt want to rely on just 30 round mags if things get hairy and you need to put lots of rounds down range to get into cover or perform a tactical retreat. I agree that you may not need the SAW for all missions and could use weapons platoon for suppressive fire if needed. But not all battlefields are the same and this is why the Corps will not get rid of the beltfed weapons from its aresenal or infantry squads
From my experience as an infantryman, we had the Team Leader armed with an M16A2/M203, the Assistant Team Leader with the automatic weapon, the assistant automatic rifleman and rifleman using M16A4's. This was done when I was a LCpl (SAW gunner), a CPL (team leader), a Sgt (squad leader) and SSgt (platoon Sgt). This is how I was brought up in the infantry community. There are probably Marines that were not taught to do this. I know that the battlefield is dynamic, so we have to be able to adapt to any situation. I believe that the Corps doesn't plan on taking the M249 completely out of the infantry squad. How they're going to do this, I couldn't tell ya. In fact, in the recent Marine Corps Times, they are looking for optics for the SAW. I agree with you in that belt fed weapons will be in the Marine Corps for a very long time, but the Corps is trying to make this change. Marines, young and old, will adapt and overcome as they have done for so long. Semper!
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