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Originally Posted by knucklehead0202 View Post
I drove a crown Victoria through it with no problems. we took that instead of my brother's truck because it's lowered, not that much but longer wheelbase=trouble. too bad the car decided to barf a spark plug on Saturday. things just keep getting better and better. least I have my health...cough cough
is that a 4.6 engine that puked a spark plug. NAPA makes a self taping spark plug kit that works ok on a budget repair. the standard proper repair is to remove the cyl head and have it heli coiled. it takes special cam chain alignment tools to put it back together. if it is a old high millage car i would do the NAPA self taper repair. around 60 bucks. it even comes with the special spark pug.
some repair shops have tools to put in new threads without removing the head. i do not know how much they charge. good luck.
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