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Default Polite question to the FFLs Re: corporate (not legal) restrcited arms

I apologize for my ... brevity. I know it is the soul of whit, but can't help myself.

Some arms manufacturers (many?) have a Civilian and Military/LE product groups. I've had my eye on the Remington Versamax "Tactical" (I hate using that word), based on its "shoot ANYthing" gas system.

This would be for an HD/SHTF weapon as I have good friends with your typical carbines and other long-range items (in the event of say, "The Big One", CA earthquake)

Unfortunately while I love the KISS concepts on the tactical, high-vis front sight, vented rib, I am non-plussed with the 22" barel and 44" OAL!

Enter the Remington R12! 18" barel, "ruggedized" parts. Its perfect right?

Only its LEO/Mil only. Not because its an SBS, but because the company choses to market it that way.

I think you see where I'm going with this: How hard is it for civilians to acquire perfectly legal items that the company, IMO erroneously, reserves for "privileged groups"?

I'm not *positive* I want the R12, there are features of the Civi Tactical that are still very attractive which the R12 doesn't have - 4 inches of barel might mean the difference between dinner and a wasted shell (SHTF), etc.

Can any of you fine folks order an R12 somehow? Or am I SOL?
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