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Originally Posted by Mitch View Post
For those of you with limited experience with local government, meeting with the council members individually before the meeting is FAR more effective than standing before the council and speaking for three minutes.

It's called lobbying and it's how things get done.
I won't get into a debate about whether one method is "FAR more effective" than another. Because, in the end, it is simply one person's opinion vs. another person's opinion. But my limited experience (of about 24 years) has taught me many things regarding politics. And I'm attempting to use that experience and education to further benefit our efforts to help save the Second Amendment and, in this case, a gun show.

The tasks that I am requesting people to become involved in are part of something I call the Focused Energy Method of activism. As I stated in a previous thread, related to this topic, "The only thing I'm asking of you at this point in time is to work with us in a coordinated manner so that we can maximize our effectiveness."

We are currently in the second phase of a strategy that involves multiple activities from multiple positions. But we are not using a shotgun-style approach that has everybody attacking the issue from every different angle without coordination.

At this time, we are focusing our pubic efforts on electronic mail.

Instead, we are focusing our efforts in manner that uses techniques that will maximize the effectiveness so that we can be assured that our positions are being heard and understood.

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